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Our Services

Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C. is built on a proud tradition of service, technical expertise, and innovative thinking. Our staff's experience and academic credentials give our clients the depth of knowledge you'll find in a larger firm, while our dedication to superior customer service offers the personal, one-on-one approach smaller firms are known for.

Accounting and Assurance Services

Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C. is a proud member of both the AICPA's Private Companies Practice Section and the Government Audit Quality Center. Both of these voluntary memberships provide quality assurance programs for the firm. Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C. has many years of experience in the preparation of audit, review or compiled financial statements for organizations and companies of various sizes and in diverse entities. Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C.'s quality and control policies and procedures meet the highest standards. At Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C. we invest heavily in continuing education to provide audit efficiencies and valuable business information and advice. Our team works closely with our clients and third parties to ensure that the financial statements are responsive to the needs of our clients and third parties.

Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C. uses accounting principles and procedures, as set out by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Financial Accounting Standards Board, in performing these services. We have been independently reviewed and approved to provide services according to the AICPA Peer Review Standards. Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C. offers its clients a complete range of tailored reporting services.

Assurance Services:

  • Audit of financial statements provides the highest level of assurance that they fairly present the company's or organization's financial position
  • Review of financial statements provides limited assurance
  • Compilation of financial statements provides no assurance
  • Agreed Upon Procedures provides projections, forecast and attestation engagements
  • Provides Both Engagement and System Reviews for CPA firms, including GAGAS, NFP and A-133 Engagements

Accounting Services:

  • Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Data Input
  • Business Plans
  • Client Bookkeeping Solutions
  • Internal Control Procedures
  • Payroll Processing
  • Inventory Procedures and Set Up
  • Consulting (For-profit & Non-Profit)

Tax Representation and Tax Preparation

Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P. C. represents clients with Internal Revenue Service problems and state tax matters. We provide two valuable benefits in assisting our client’s with their IRS and state tax notices and collection issues. First, we provide a buffer between our client and the taxing authority, so in most situations the client does not have to have contact with the tax officer. Secondly, the staff of Bogdanoff Dages has over 40 years of combined experience successfully representing businesses and individuals before the IRS and state tax agencies.

We view our relationships with our clients as ongoing partnerships, and we pledge to provide you with quality, up-to-date tax return preparation and advice, whatever your tax planning and preparation needs - whether you're a sole-proprietor business or operate a multi-tiered corporation or partnership.

But our dedication to you doesn't stop after April 15. All through the year, we provide our clients with tax planning meetings, tax planning letters and newsletters to minimize your tax liabilities and to maximize your future opportunities.

  • All tax services - corporate, partnership, multi-state, individual, etc.
  • Strategic tax consulting
  • Incorporation and new business advisor
  • IRS problem resolution

Not For Profit Services

In addition to standard financial statements and the related accountants reports, not for profit entities often have additional reporting and audit requirements. These requirements are often imposed by funding sources.

Entities that receive funding from the Federal Government (and certain other governmental entities) are required to have an expanded audit under Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133. Accountants must meet additional requirements in order to perform these audit. Our firm meets the Peer Review standards and Continuing Education requirements of the "Yellow Book" and we have performed many of these audits. Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P. C. is a member of the of the AICPA's Government Quality Audit Quality Center.

  • OMB circular A-133 audits (single audits)
  • Yellow Book audits
  • Exempt Organization tax returns
  • Cost Allocation Plans
  • Internal Controls Procedures
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Processing
  • Consulting (For-profit & Non-Profit)

Click here to read a letter from the Indiana Attorney General's Office regarding our Nonprofit services.

Quickbooks Services

We offer the following services to help not for profit organizations and businesses manage their day-to-day operations using accounting software packages like QuickBooks. Over the years, many nonprofits and businesses throughout the Indianapolis area have contacted us to help them get started with QuickBooks, empower them to manage their bookkeeping and control their cash flow, while enabling them to work with Bogdanoff Dages and Co., P.C. in an advisory, tax preparation and accounting and auditing capacity.

Accounting software programs like QuickBooks are ideally suited for small business owners and nonprofit organizations. QuickBooks simplifies the bookkeeping process for you. However, no accounting package can be operated properly without sufficient understanding of its features and functionality. That's why as QuickBooks Pro Advisors we work with many small business owners and not for profit organizations to train them, assist them ongoing and provide immediate answers for trouble shooting.

Your time is valuable and accounting software is not your specialty. That's why we provide training, oversight and ongoing support. Call us at 317-571-1777 and ask for Paul or Tim to discuss your specific needs.

  • Standard QuickBooks Set-up
  • Custom QuickBooks Set-up
  • Technical Support for QuickBooks
  • Consulting and Training for QuickBooks

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