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Client Login FAQ

Client Portals:

Welcome to Bogdanoff Dages' Client Portals page. You can use our portals to upload and download files that may be too large for emails or you want to send these files more securely. When downloading or uploading files through your client portal bear in mind that the process may differ between web browsers, such as Internet Explore or Google Chrome.

How to Login:

When your portal is set up you will receive an email that provides instructions on how to login to your portal. Generally, your client login is your email address. The password must be at least seven characters, includes numbers and letters and is case sensitive. There is a "Forgot Password" button to reset your password, or you may call the firm to reset your password.

How to Upload Files:

Once you are logged into your private client portal you will find on the left side, under documents the File Exchange section of the portal. Click on this link, select a folder and select one of the folders, other then the "Private" folder. Open the folder and then click on the "Upload" button and then browse out to the file that you want to add by clicking on the "Add files" button in the lower left corner. Once you have added the file then click the "Start Upload" button. The firm will receive and email every time you push a file through the portal. You may be able to push a file that is no larger than two gigabytes, depending on your system limitations. Files that are placed in File Exchange will expire after two weeks.

During tax season, you may add files to the Tax Organizer by clicking on the "Upload Tax Documents". When you have added all of the documents that you expect to send, and completed the organizer then click on the "Send to Preparer" button. An email will be sent to the firm after you have pushed the "Send to Prepare" button notifying the firm that your return is ready to be worked on. The recommended size for attachments to the organizer is limited to one gigabyte, depending on your system limitations.

The "Private" folder is for you to use to store private documents, such as insurance policies, titles or deeds that you want to store offsite.

How to Download Files:

Once you are logged into your private client portal you can download a file by opening the file and saving the file to your desktop. You will receive an email when someone at our firm has pushed your tax returns or a document to your portal to notify you that your returns are ready to be reviewed and the actions that you need to take to complete the filing process for your returns.

How to Pay a Invoice:

Once you are logged into your private client portal go to "My Invoices" link and select an invoice from the "Open" tab that you want to pay and the "Pay Selected" button will appear in the lower right corner.